Time to Put the Gloves On!

We're heading back to the DR on the 12th of July with two groups. We are joining Cross Point again as we continue together in the construction of the church for Moise Jean and the community he serves. In addition to this we will also be working with a new team from Butler County, KY.
Vicki will be getting her hammer back!
Morgantown Community Church is coming down at the same time to continue the construction of the church in Hoya de Bartola (The Hole, a functioning landfill where over 500 families live). We are looking forward to being back home among our Dominican and Haitian friends and family. We are also excited to be down with actual family as Leann, Jeff's (Older, Jeff's emphasis) sister will be down with us. And, yes, we're taking the girls with us so please pray for safe travel as well as a safe stay. Our dear friends Tim and Samira are putting us up until we return state-side on the 24th of July. We look forward to sharing more of our work in the DR and Haiti with each of you. We will do our best to update as we go if electricity and time allow. Until then the gloves are on!

Jeff looks grumpy (but isn't) as he chooses a delivery path for fill dirt