Crosspoint Partnership: A Reason to Hope

Sheila, a member of Crosspoint, plays with a boy in The Fly

I (Jeff) joined Crosspoint this past March to help with the continued construction of Moise’s church. This is the first Haitian Church that G.O. has helped to build in the Dominican Republic. We are building it in an emerging Dominican neighborhood.

Brian Alexander (an elder from Crosspoint) and Pastor Moise

Our hope is that this church will serve as a potential bridge between divided cultures. Moise breaks every Haitian stereotype held by Dominicans. He is extremely intelligent, speaks English, French, Spanish, and Creole fluently. He is tall and respectful and addresses everyone with dignity. He also understands the spiritual illness of racism/nationalism/classism that divides his people from his Dominican neighbors who he would also have as his people if they would only have him. He has a desire to reach out to both communities and it is our hope that our work alongside of him will help to build his credibility with his Dominican neighbors in the vicinity.

Our work brought us to the beginning of a new phase in the construction. With some 1800 block and all the columns poured in 4 days we are now ready to put up forms for the pouring of the ceiling/second level floor. To celebrate all that has been accomplished thus far we held an Easter service there on Sunday with Moise’s Haitian congregation.

First Easter worship on the new site

Songs of praise

A Dominican at Easter service

I was surprised and pleased to see three adult Dominicans wander in and stay for the mostly Creole service. It made sense to me that they would come in out of curiosity, but that they stayed for the entire event was truly amazing! I will not make too much of this incident but will only pause to give thanks and affirm that it is a good start, however humble and seemingly trivial. This, friends, I hope and pray, is only the beginning. May God’s Kingdom grow in this community, may its authenticity be affirmed by the healing of old grievances, real and perceived, may Crosspoint's passion, service, commitment and God's blessing upon it help to fuel all of these things. May the ministry of reconciliation frustrate the division rendered long ago by the adversary!
Ryan Bult, a Crosspoint Staffer, preaches with Moise translating