Haiti Relief Recap...

It's our hope that if you've been checking in here that you've also been checking in at G.O. Help Haiti.org but just in case you haven't we wanted to be sure you saw this News package done by Wave 3 in Louisville, Ky. Please take 5 minutes to watch it as it gives a holistic account of our relief response in Haiti. Watch it here.

Here's the breakdown of all of the supplies that were sent into Haiti by air the first month and a half after the earthquake by G.O.

Total Pounds Flown Into Haiti 653,911

Sub-Total Food 550,799
Sub-Total Supplies 61,543
Sub-Total Medical 41,569

Total Planes Volunteered 66

Total flights 447

Number of locations
Cap Haitien 8
Grand Goave 3
Hinche 1
Jacmel 163
Jeremie 36
Leogane 48
Les Cayes 50
Pignon 29
Port au Prince 20
Port de Paix 57

Total People Flown In 361

This does not include the poundage of supplies sent by truck, boat and shipping container. It's been an amazing blessing to respond in the manner in which we did. Much thanks to those of you who have continually prayed and given to help us do the work that we do.
The next steps in Haiti for G.O. are to come more intentionally around the 7 Haitian pastors that we work with there. Our plan is to build a multipurpose building in each of these 7 communities that would serve as the church, nutrition center, school, medical clinic and dormatory. The second phase of this effort will involve partnering with other organizations in Haiti to help with contextually appropriate economic development through various cottage industries and sustainable agricultural projects, all in Jesus' name. From these infrastructural centers we will further come alongside the work of the indigenous pastors as they lift up the communities they serve spiritually and materially. That's the long-term vision.