Blessed to Be Doctors to Our Doctors

Dr. Vladimir and Dr. Auris Canela serve as doctors with G.O. Ministries. They could certainly have chosen to start their own practice, but instead, they chose to serve the poor through a daily medical clinic in Hoya del Caimito, Santiago, Dominican Republic. Their medical knowledge, compassion, and care heal the hurts and pains of many people who would not be able to afford medical care on the island. They work in conjunction with local churches traveling with medical teams to remote sugarcane villages, landfills where multiple families are trying to survive, and remote communities far from medical facilities found in the city throughout the year to treat patients as well. In an average three day clinic, they see and treat up to 1,200 people.

On January 3, 2011 they welcomed a son, Eliezer Rosario Canela. In the midst of their excitement, they noticed something strange about his underdeveloped ears. After a visit to an audiologist, it was confirmed that he had a hearing loss due to bilateral microtia with the ear canal. As doctors, they desperately want to help their son, but his issue is out of their realm of expertise. The audiologist told them Eliezer is a great candidate for a Baha, an external bone conduction device that would enable him to hear, but there is not a Cochlear Clinic that provides such services and technology on the island. They know that time is of the essence and greatly desire for their son to hear their voices.

This is a scenario that Vicki and I are all too familiar with and we have intimate connections in terms of the sort of resources that Vladi and Auris need for their son. We have been able to secure pro bono services on behalf of Eliezer Rosario from Heuser Hearing Institute where our daughters attended school for 3 years and receive audiological services; we have received at the very last minute word that Cochlear is donating the necessary equipment amounting to close to $4000, and in collaboration with some of our partners we have raised just over $7000 to help cover all of this families expenses related to the Baha, additional services, travel and hosting.

The final piece of this whole process came together during our service in the Dominican last week. We were able to get letters from the American doctors in Kentucky confirming the dates/appointments and details of the services being provided on behalf of Eliezer. This was the evidence needed in order for a visa to be awarded to Auris and Eliezer for travel to the US. They got it!!

Today we will be picking up Auris and Eliezer at the Louisville International Airport and hosting them during their brief 10 day stay. We are blessed to be a part of this ministry to this family and grateful to report to you that your support of us through your use of the Kroger gift card frees us to do this kind work on behalf of others in Jesus’ name!

Please be in prayer for Vladimir, Auris and Eliezer. Specifically pray that all of the treatment goes well and that Auris and Eliezer are blessed by their time with us here in Louisville. They arrive on the 11th of August, have appointments throughout the week and return on the 19th to the Dominican where Dr. Vladi will be waiting to speak to his son and be heard for the first time!

Our daughters Sophi and Raena have Cochlear Implants. Eliezer will be receiving a Baha seen here.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel! It extends through us to others who are serving his Kingdom through the gift of medicine.