Sophi and Raena meet Wilson

Saturday after Thanksgiving we were able to visit with Wilson and his mother, Tatiana. Wilson is a 9 year-old boy who lives in the Hole in Santiago. We got to meet him when he started attending our nutrition center in order to get one good meal in him a day. His mother eventually started cooking for the center. Before long she became a Christian. Wilson was born with a severe birth defect affecting his bowel and urinary tract. He has suffered infection after infection and experiences a lot of pain with his condition. For years we have been trying to find him help and in the last two months the right contacts were finally made.

After having met a willing pediatric surgeon on the golf course, Brook, our founder, connected with the right guy. Within two weeks a meeting was scheduled at Kosair Childrens Hospital and Vicki went to meet with the head of the hospital and key decision makers in order to present Wilson's case. The hospital administration agreed unanimously to treat Wilson for free and within a week all of the necessary paperwork was filed and Tatiana and her son were awarded medical visas to the US.

They are being hosted state-side by ministry friends who home school and are fluent in Spanish. Medically, Wilson is receiving the best care possible as well as one on one education. We were blessed to stop by and share with he and his mother that Saturday afternoon. Within about 5 minutes Sophi and Raena had completely overcome the language barrier and all we could hear were shouts and giggles in the other room.

We were delivery personnel on this visit. While at the G.O. Ministries’ Women’s Conference in La Vega in the DR, Vicki was given many encouraging letters from the women from the church in the Hole that had been written to love on Tatiana. Needless to say, they were a welcome gift. We were able to sneak this photo while she was reading. What a blessing to have them here and have the opportunity to love them well.

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