One Miracle to Another

Scars cover his body from unsuccessful surgeries.  But two scars in particular take this mom to my knees.  He showed me during his last hospital stay.  One on his hand and one on his shoulder.  With his timid smile he told me it was from biting.  His mom further explained that his pain is so intense that he bites himself to endure it until it passes. 
Today, about 20 people gathered around this little boy with the courage of a lion.   Even facing the biggest surgery of his life, his smile brightened the room and the spirits of everyone around him.  He has a way of doing that.  Of capturing your heart with his smile.  Of breaking your heart with the suffering he’s endured in his short nine years of life. 
We prayed for Wilson’s healing.  We prayed for peace for his faithful mom, Tatiana, who has been a warrior for her son.  Who was so willing to put her 9-year-old son on a plane and send him to a foreign land with a foreign language to live with a family she did not know in the care of doctors to save his life.  By the grace of God, she was able to come with him, however, she painfully left two children behind with her mother.  Hope in the face of despair.  Determination in the face of suffering.

Today, at 8:00am two surgeons will begin restoring his broken body.  In a scheduled six hour surgery they will be repairing Wilson's urethra and the fistula using tissue from the inside of his mouth. In addition, they will be reconstructing the anus, rectum and the colon.  It’s a huge feat for such a little boy.  Over the weekend he began asking his mother difficult questions about his mortality. 
After several people prayed today and the pastor began thanking everyone for coming, my 6-year-old Sophi spoke up and said she wanted to pray.  She put her little hand on her friend Wilson and asked the same God that restored her 2 pound body that had holes in her heart, spots on her brain from a brain bleed, multiple blood transfusions, a bad staph infection, and 61 days in the NICU where she teetered back and forth between life and death.  She spoke boldly to the God who held her when I couldn’t and asked Him to heal Wilson too.  She prayed that he wouldn’t be scared.  She prayed that he would be wisdom, peace and light in the world.  And with that, our little miracle said amen. 
Today, we pray for another miracle for Wilson with the same boldness that Sophi prayed.  Please join us.