Three Gifts our Daughters Gave us Last Night...

Last night was a gift the Lord gave us from the girls in three parts.  The first was a song from Sophi at Taco Bell.  At Taco Bell Sophi was writing this song based on “Jesus Loves Me,” a sort of remix.  She was totally unprovoked.  She was entertaining herself.  She was singing it as she wrote it at the table.  It reads:

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Loves, loves, loves, me, me, me,
Yes He does, does, does love me
The Bible tells me so
He is strong but we are
Weak, weak, weak,
Jesus loves you even
When you sin and that’s
Why he loves you so much.”

The 2nd and 3rd gifts came right before bed.  Later on last night I read the Bible story about Zacchaeus to the girls. After their devotional, Raena told me that she thought everybody should be missionaries. I got to explain to her that all Christians are no matter where they work, whether they're firemen, vets, doctors, dance teachers (or at least they can be and should see it that way)... they're missionaries where they are, loving and serving people where they are at. Not everybody has to move someplace different, that's just the journey that we happen to be on. She's getting it (gift #2). It's very cool to watch.

After hearing the story of Zacchaeus, Sophi wanted to make sure that we were giving enough money to help the poor (gift #3) because he committed half of what he owned to the poor as well as repaying those he cheated four times what he had taken from them.  I explained to her that because of the work that we do, we get to help all kinds of people in all walks of life that suffer from all sorts of circumstances and especially those facing the challenges of material poverty.  These kids are keeping an eye out. Accountability comes from all over the place.

We have often wondered what our approach to life and ministry will make of our children.  We thank God for his grace in giving them hearts compelled to love others whether those others be kind or mean and spirits that desire to be generous.  They seem to be grasping things at 7 that took us longer to understand.  Our prayer is that they would grow in wisdom and peace, expressing forgiveness, mercy in humility.  They appear to be on the path…  What a blessing.