Tropical Storm Olga Strikes...

As we prepared to celebrate the holidays Tropical storm Olga made an unfortunate turn. It cut right through the center of the island of Hispaniola from east to west. Typically these storms pass across the southern coast, failing to threaten the center of the island. Tremendous amounts of rain lead to record flooding in Santiago, the second largest city in the Dominican Republic. The receding waters will likely leave vulnerability to water born diseases as well as explosions in the mosquito population likely leading to a surge in mosquito born illnesses. The poorest of the poor live near streams and rivers. They are the most severely affected. But even those living a little higher up in the valleys were also overwhelmed by the loss affected by swollen and raging waters. The local churches affiliated with G.O. have been quick to respond to needs for clothing and other necessities. The video below was shot by Isiais, one of the Dominicans we work with. He was kind enough to go down to The Hole to survey the situation. Watch below.

Please pray for those who have suffered tremendous loss due to this storm. Those who lost everything already had especially difficult lives. This disaster will be an obstacle to overcome.

Scroll down to view other photos of Santiago under water in the right hand column.