The Pastor's Library...

Books collected and ready to be sent to the DR Pastor's Library

Dominican and Haitian pastors are starving for information about the Bible and ministry. They do the best they can with what they have but for the most part they do not have the resources available to them to further their own education. The resources are either unavailable or too expensive.

Bit by bit we are making an effort to improve this situation. Currently we have a few professors and teachers committed to coming down regularly to do intensive on-going training with the pastors. Now, in addition to that, we are finally establishing a modest library for the pastors in Santiago.

Many have purchased books I’ve asked for and had them shipped to our office state side. Others have made special gifts to the ministry specifically for books and tools for pastor education and given me the freedom to buy what we need. I just purchased 30 two volume sets of church history and theology books that will be used for the first installment of the History and Theology of Christianity being offered to the pastors in the fall.

Logos has offered us amazing comprehensive Bible study software in Spanish for $145 a license. It is normally $200. The software is comprised of 150 different books, commentaries, Biblical encyclopedias, lexicons and so on. With this tool the pastors will be able to work with Greek and Hebrew in a way that was completely inaccessible before and also get an enormous amount of study out of a smaller amount of time. We just need some more funding for the software as well as a few basic (but hopefully new) laptops to run the programs on.

We’d welcome any help towards the goals of building the library and study lab (Logos Software plus laptops). Follow to see the list of books we would like on Amazon. They can be shipped to our state-side office at:

Attn: Jeff Rogers
G.O. Ministries, Inc.
11501 Plantside Dr. suite 14
Louisville, Ky 40299

We will open the Pastors’ Library in mid-August. Some of the pastors are already buzzing about it!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.