More Books = AWESOME!!

Thanks to Harold Mckee at, Anne Jackson at, and Pete Wilson at we have received over 100 books in Spanish for the Pastors and their new library. These were purchased from in 2 days time. When we got back to the office from the Dominican Republic I had stacks of boxes on my desk.
Our original Amazon list had only 19 titles. It has sense been updated to 60 different titles. If you’d like to pick up a book choose one from the list at the bottom of this page. Every purchase you make through our site from Amazon will earn us 4% back for the purchase of more books for the Pastor’s Library.
I’m leading an exploratory trip on August 18th and am looking forward to dragging 100lbs of books down there with me. Pray I get through customs without too much fuss. I’ll have a hard time not looking like a book dealer. Better then looking like another kind of dealer I suppose!
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this effort!
Much love and appreciation!
Jeff and Vic