Ministry is Moving Along...

There has been so much going on. Vicki is booking new teams like crazy for 2009. I just got back a week and a half ago from leading an exploratory trip with three sets of leaders from three different churches spanning Kansas, Indiana, and Maryland. One of the churches, Harris Prairie, is getting on board with a Partnership with Nico Gracesqui in a big way. The leaders from Maryland are already on the calendar for a trip 2009 and the leader from Kansas City is meeting with his leadership to see if G.O. is the route their church wants to partner with for further involvement in global ministry.

Pastor Nico
Gracesqui Family

I was able to get over 100 new books to Santiago for the Pastors’ Library. If all goes as we hope the library will be open and available for use by September 10th. All of the logistics are coming together.
I will be following up in the next week with all of those who have expressed interest in Partnering with a national pastor or worker over the last two months in the Dominican. Pray that hearts are turned to commit to help further the work of these passionate servants.
I’m currently coordinating a group of volunteers for another G.O. fundraiser at Churchill Downs in a couple of weeks. We’ll be helping to run a clearance sale of all of the 2008 Derby merchandise in conjunction with the Ryder Cup here in Louisville. The event should earn G.O. about $4500 to $5000.
It is also that time of year for Vicki and I to start thinking about budgets and hopping back on the fundraising trail. We’ve been so busy with ministry we’ve not kept up with our own fundraising development very well. We’ll be giving that some attention in the coming days.
If you’ve considered supporting us monthly, or dropping us a one-time gift, we welcome it. You can send in a check or give through the Paypal link to the right. We could use a little boost after losing some significant support recently.