G.O. Explore Jan 26-30

Jeff, Chris, Felix, Jacob and Brook

From January 26th through the 30th I had the opportunity to lead an Exploratory trip with Brook, hosting Jacob Breeze and Chris Denbow from Grace Christian Church near Houston, Texas. We shared some great ministry experiences over the course of our 3 ½ days. The trip has proven to be very successful on many fronts. This year we have made some adjustments to our approach of encouraging the national Christian leaders. At an all pastor meeting we rolled out a plan to be more intentional in investing in the pastors and leaders of the various churches we are networked with. The vision was received with a lot of enthusiasm.

The Entire Dominican G.O. Leadership

We discovered in Jacob a quality theologian and teacher. He and I will be working together regularly to coordinate and translate training materials for our pastors and leaders. He will also be bringing his students down regularly starting this summer.

Thanks to an engineering class that came down on a trip with us this past year from Evansville University, we had the opportunity to reveal the blue prints and 3 D virtual model of the new Central Church that we will begin construction on this Spring. The Dominican and Haitian leadership is very excited about getting this project up and running. Once the first level is complete we will be able to move forward with the medical facility that will stand on the location of the current out grown, church building.

Jeff, Jordy, Jacob, Tats and the Gospel

While in the Hole with Jacob and Chris, I ran into our deaf friend, Jordy, at the nutrition center. Jordy drew my attention to Jacob’s tattooed arm. I signed for Jordy to come with me for a closer look.

"The Lamb that was slain..." The lamb is at the top of the arm, the skeletons rising are bodies being resurrected

I signed to him the significance of Jacob’s tattoo which essentially was an image drawn from the doxology in Revelation: “The Lamb that was slain is worthy to be praised.” I explained that the lamb was Jesus and that the skeletons floating up were each of us being resurrected. He nodded with a big smile. I don’t know how clearly he understood it but the visual was a tremendous help in trying to connect these ideas. It was a great part of the day. The week was a tremendous blessing all the way around.

Giving Jacob a tour of the current Central Church and future site of our medical facility

Felix discusses the future on the ministry in the Hole with me

Kids in the Hole

*all of the photos in this post are by Chris Denbow