Christmas in Mongolia

We’ve hinted here and there about G.O.’s work in Mongolia. We wanted to take a moment to highlight that work today. John Koehler serves addicts and prostitutes in Mongolia. He works with a team of Mongolian leaders that regularly hit the streets there in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar serving the Mongolian ladies hot tea and food while they are “on the job.” It used to be that if they wanted to speak with the women that they would have to pay them for their time. They’re continued kindness opened doors with the Madams and after some time they gave permission to their “employees” to stop charging for these visits.

Over time many relationships have been built and some of these women are being transformed by the Gospel. The biggest obstacle for them has been how to provide for their families if they stop the work. Most of these women are not driven by addiction. They are driven by the need to provide for their families. Once the monthly bills are covered, many do not work until the following month’s needs develop.

Each of us on staff helps partners with Koehler’s work in Mongolia through G.O. That’s why your support of our work is also support of this work. In the past year G.O. has helped to finance three small businesses in Ulaanbaatar that are offering these women other ways to earn an income for their family. We have helped get a bath house (public pay showers), a car wash and shoe/purse/wallet manufacturing company off of the ground. Our hope is that at these grow more women will benefit from them as ways out of their current life style. Our intention is to add to these efforts as time and resources allow.

I’m reminded this Christmas that Jesus, the son of God, was a blood descendant of Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho. I’m reminded of God’s gracious use to accomplish his profound will of broken people both with their cooperation and in spite of them. I’m reminded of his deep love of humanity and what He is willing to sacrifice to have us for his own. I received this photo in John’s last update, after hosting a Christmas party for the ladies.

Please join us in praying on behalf of John’s work in Mongolia. Pray for these women, loved by God, that they discover the blessings of abundant life, of Shalom. Pray for renewal and transformation.

As always, thank you for your love and support. Merry Christmas!