G.O. Haiti Relief Blitz!

One of our fellow staffers here at G.O. put this map together for us to share with you so that you could get a better sense of where all the relief has gone through our efforts in Haiti. Again, we’re humbled by the ways in which God has equipped us to respond to this disaster.

The entire southern coast of Haiti has suffered much of the same destruction as Port au Prince. The organizations we’ve sent aid to in the North have been receiving and caring for refugees since the days after the quake.

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti. The rainy season is almost upon them. G.O. currently has 1000 or so tents on their way. We’ve also sent down three 48ft by 16ft mobile greenhouses to be used as temporary shelters and hospitals. There’s an inflatable tent hospital purchased by G.O. that just reached Santiago and will be in route to Jacmel, Haiti very soon.

I was in our Louisville warehouse today, Saturday, February 27 receiving the last of some relief supplies from our local relief drive. The huge warehouse is about full and we will be emptying it out on Monday as trucks will be hauling it away to be loaded onto a boat and floated down to the island where it will be distributed. Much thanks to Eric Leach (fellow G.O. Staffer) who has organized and managed the warehouse effort since day one of getting the space. He really has done a fantastic job!

As always, thanks for your prayers and your financial support of Vicki and myself. By helping us you are helping Haiti.

Check out a more detailed account of what has gone where in Haiti here.