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On January 23rd Joel Gerdis and John Congleton, members of the Rogers’ Louisville based fundraising events team helped put on the first Breachbent Benefit Show to help diversify support of our work with G.O. Ministries. They collaborated with Sojourn Community Church, The 930, Kevin Janes, Michael Winters and Drake Hatfield. Kevin helped secure the following musicians for the show: Jamie Barnes, The Parade Schedule, Dave Moisan, Brooks Ritter and Luke Asher. We’re grateful to all involved for their contributions both to our support and the Haiti Relief Fund through G.O. Ministries. Between the ticket sales, concessions, one time gifts and the silent auction just over $8000 was raised. But the Haiti Relief fundraising continues.

The above artists have each donated live songs from that show to make up a compilation put together by Drake Hatfield. This is the first release on his record label, Hatfield Media. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this $10 album will go to G.O. Ministries to help with Haiti relief efforts. Please consider purchasing this download in support of G.O., Hatfield Media and each of the above artists.