Help Us Fight the Epidemic in Haiti!!


As we prepare for Advent, the celebration of God's incarnation in our midst, we remember that He was and is and will continue to be a great light to those who sit in darkness.

As I type these words and as you are reading them there are many who sit in darkness and death. They need our material help and a tangible expression of the love and care God has willingly provided to each of us by spending himself utterly on our behalf.

As I write and as you read and as our culture runs from "deal" to "deal" in half-crazed consumer madness wasting resources on junk that we don't actually need other human beings are literally vomiting and defecating themselves to death. Biosurveillance believes that Cholera cases in Haiti are under-reported by as much as 400% and believe that as many as one million have been infected. This population is an hour and 1/2 away from the United States by air.

They need inexpensive (to us) antibiotics, IV bags and clean water. G.O. is partnering with other ministries on the ground responding to this crisis right now, again, as you are reading this. Please, SHARE THIS POST, Text to give $10 (GOHAITI to 85944). Write a check. Give online. Spread the word.

This year for Christmas you could give someone their life!