Paying a Dealer’s Debt: Paid in Full-Part III

On a Sunday this past March we celebrated Ella’s 1st birthday. Family, friends and friends from the neighborhood gathered to celebrate her birth. We were blessed by the diversity of this group, people from so many walks of life, one of them, a former drug dealer and pimp. That’s right, at Ella’s first birthday party you’d be hard pressed to find a clown but you could find a former pimp/drug dealer. And he was only there because of the power of the Gospel! We introduced you to Jonesy back in September of 2010 (if you’re catching up read about that here) who changed his name to Al as a means of turning over a new leaf and signifying the beginning of turning away from the path of destruction (read about that here).
We reported in “Paying a Dealer’s Debt: Part II” that a friend and supporter of ours asked, “Would that expense and effort really amount to anything?” And we confessed that we didn’t know but we hoped so.

We had asked you to pray the following:
“Please pray for “Al” and his recovery, for his friendships in the shelter, for those from the community group that will be going to visit him on a regular basis. Pray that “Al” finds a job and sticks with it. Pray that through all of the efforts to serve him and love him that he encounters Jesus and falls in love with him.”

Today we are pleased, blessed and excited to report that Al's debts are paid in full! Expense and effort expressed in Jesus’ name amounts to everything! Please take a moment to hear Al’s testimony read by Brooks Ritter (the man who hosted us in his home the night Al’s dog got shot) and witness his baptism at Sojourn (done by Jeremiah Taylor).

Thank you for your prayers and your partnership in the Gospel!

Please continue to pray for Al’s journey of faith!

Grace & Peace,

The Rogers