Pray for our Drilling in Phaeton

I spoke to my dear friend and colleague (pictured with me above in Phaeton), Tim Krauss, today, June 1st while he was at the Dominican/Haitian border waiting to enter Haiti. After completing the temporary church/dormitory facility in Phaeton, Haiti, we’re ready to move forward with phase I of the water project i.e. finding some.

Over the next 3 days we will be drilling in an effort to hit deep, fresh water in Phaeton. The current wells in this coastal town are salty and unusable for drinking. The nearest fresh water is 2 kilometers away.

PLEASE PRAY that we hit fresh water. A fresh water well in this community would be a tremendous accomplishment and benefit to the 2500 plus people that live here!
We’ve introduced you to Phaeton, before. Take another look.

G.O.'s Partnership wit the Church in Phaeton, Haiti from Jeff Rogers on Vimeo.