Water of Life, a Gift from the Church to the Community

One of the services we have been able to provide in partnership with local leaders serving on the island of Hispaniola is access to purified drinking water.  This effort is a ministry through the local churches to the community at large.  It is an effert to assist in renewing communities and restoring Creation.  Currently we provide access to clean drinking water to at least 9000 people.  Units like the one in this brief video are being run by pastor's and local leaders in La Mosca, Batey 9, & Batey Cuchilla as well as the Hole shown below.  We are currently slated to do 3 (and possibly a 4th) more installations in the next 6 months in 3 other communities: Phaeton, Haiti; 2 in different mountain communities near Puerta Plata (and 1 in Los Perez if #4 works out).

Please take a couple of minutes to see how this system is working in the Hole.