A Longing Fulfilled...

Eight years ago this past January, we moved to the Dominican Republic.  For the four years prior, we traveled back and forth for a few months to six months at a time between our International Headquarters in Louisville to the field in the Dominican.    A few weeks before we departed, we discovered we were pregnant.  A month after moving we discovered we were having twins.  So, our journey would include two little ones a little earlier than we had planned, but we had learned to trust God’s plans. 

Our hearts were filled with anticipation for this new journey; to have a more permanent residence, more consistent relationships, and simply to serve on the island our hearts had been bound to.  Many of you know our story and what happened next.  After only 5 short months, we landed back in the States.  What was supposed to be a short stay after our delivery, turned into an 8 year journey of faith through tears, challenges, incredible joys, victories, and miracles.

Our hearts were never released from the Dominican.  While we were not serving full-time on the field, we served stateside with G.O. building relationships, recruiting teams and partnerships, helping with the organizational structure and spending our summers in the Dominican.  While we tried not to let our roots grow too deep in Louisville, hopeful this was only a stop on our journey, God had other plans.  He led us to incredible relationships through community, inner-city ministry, and a growing understanding of Deaf culture.  The resources He poured out on our girls’ with state-of-the art medical professionals in the NICU, therapists, teachers, Deaf adults, and  other families with Deaf children was both generous and encouraging.  Even more gracious, He added another angel to our family with the healthy birth of Ella Jayde in March 2010.

The deep longings in our hearts for the Dominican and Haiti painfully remained.  For the past eight years, we’ve prayed for God to make a way for us to return.  With our girls’ special needs, we were prepared for that to be much later in our lives.  However, last summer, God began showing us in numerous ways that the time was coming sooner rather than later. 

 I type now from our apartment in the Dominican after painting the girls room because will be returning to the Dominican this June to live!  Can you stop for a moment and rejoice with us!!  I continue to read and reread “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12   Such a sweet deep longing is being fulfilled!  Thank you, God for your continued hand and guidance.  Thanks to all of you who have continued to support us on this journey.