Clean Water...

Felix over-looking the Hole

Felix and Jenni Abreu serve the community of Hoya de Bartola or "the Hole" as it is rendered in English. It's a landfill community that has raw sewage contaminating the river that divides the barrio in two.

Recently, Jeff has had the opportunity to help coordinate the installation of a water purification system there. This reality came to be thanks to the efforts and colaboration of G.O. Ministries, Michael Ekman, St. Paul United Methodist Church and the Edge Outreach team.

Michael had served on a short-term team and spent some time in the Hole. When he got back to the states he wanted to do something to help make a difference there. He got in contact with Jeff and together they got the ball rolling.

In the developing world contaminated water kills regularly and without mercy. Before you can deal with the issue effectively you need to get the local community on board. Felix Abreu recognized the importance and benefit of clean water to the community that he has been serving for so long. When the offer was made to him for the system he jumped at the opportunity. He had a vision to use the purified water to supply the nutrition center he ran for 120 or so children in the Hole. He wanted to use the rest to help generate a little income to help run his ministry. Felix sells the extra purified water for less than half of what the big companies sell it for to meet his neighbors where they are at financially. In doing so he is helping offset the costs of doing ministry and avoiding the trap of entitlement.

It's taken some time to get this project complete. The first issue we faced was where to set it up. Thanks to St. Paul United Methodist we were able to purchase a house for $1500. The Edge sent a team down this summer to install the system. Michael Ekman's advocy helped bring those two agents together to help make this project happen and we are deeply grateful to him!

The house acquired with the help of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Louisville, Ky

Felix demonstrates the system to a visiting team

Felix tests the clorine level to insure a "total kill" of any creepy crawlys lingering in the agua