A Week With Morgantown

We LOVE Morgantown Community Church! They are one of the craziest, most driven short-term teams we have ever seen. Scott Cox and Harold and Sherry Mckee have busted their tails to help their folks raise the funds to come and serve in the Dominican Republic. Morgantown supports our work financially and we are so appreciative of their help! During their week they helped us dig and pour the foundation for a pastor's home in Santiago. They also got to spend a lot of time developing a relationship with Romano, a Haitian pastor who is a dear friend of ours. Our hope is that sometime in the near future that Morgantown will start supporting him financially as well. We are hoping to get their pastor, Josh Scott, down on an exploratory trip this January.

Here Vicki is throwing it down and working like a wild woman! She spent some time working with the Morgantown crew. Little did we know at the time that this lady was doing the work of two. We found out the next day that in a few months she would look like this:
And just so you know, we recently found out that the "pumpkin smuggler" is actually daughter number 3 of the Rogers' clan!
Much love and thanks to Morgantown! We love doing life and building the Kingdom with you!